Thursday, 27 January 2011

'Mechanism' Textile Samples

Here I was experimenting with applique, creating patterns out of computer components and other mechanisms . As part of my development for my 'Mechanisms' project, deciding on silver fabric due to the contrasting bright colours of the components as it was difficult to find a fabric that worked.

'Mechanisms' Dress

One of the final designs for my 'Mechanisms' project. Where I worked with layering sheer silver fabric and used ridgeline for structuring at the bottom. Working with surface decoration by developing from my previous textiles samples in the applique strip. I decided on a simple fitted design in order to keep the attention on the applique and keep the garment as minimalistic as possible. During this project I was heavily inspired by technology, for example the workings and mechanisms contained within machinery such as computers and telephones.

Life Drawing

Using black and white acrylic paint to illustrate the tones of the body.

'Mechanisms' Fashion Illustrations

Fashion Illustrations of my two final garments for my 'Mechanisms' project, the dress pictured earlier and my panelled skirt which was structured like exhaust pipe funnels, with printed patterns form 100 year old encyclopaedia mechanism diagrams. I found this project the most enjoyable as not only did I personally choose it, it allowed me to design one garment with the focus on structural elements, while I got to focus the other design on surface decoration.

'Sense of Place'

Current Project 'Sense of Place' where I am looking at the idea of modernisation in London and recreating the intricate overlapping and linear structure of scaffolding in Southbank. I used strands of wool as easy to manipulate and sheer fabric so that the strands structure the flimsy fabric.

Life Drawing

'Surface Recreation and Design'

Looking at pattern and surface recreation here beginning with pencil and ink drawings then developing into hand embroidery and surface decoration on bra cups.